Time Lost

Its an old saying that "time lost can never be regained".  It is as true a statement as one can find in a world perplexed by idiosyncrasies that permit distraction after distraction.  Wow... that was the hard part; let me thread carefully now to the topic at hand, i speak of "father time".  though he is considered cruel by most he is a just factor in the ephemeral capsule of life.  I saw my aunt just a couple days ago from a distance.  I didn't recognize her to be my aunt but just at a glance I knew she was someone I had seen before.  Having the luxury of being stuck in traffic meant I could take my time to observe her more, this made me realize an unmistakable facial expression which could only mean she was my aunt.

Standing Still

I was shocked to say the least because she seemed extremely old.  I had not taken the time to put my thoughts into perspective as I was just hung up on how old and aged she had become.  The truth of the matter is that I really had not seen my aunt for several years.  The only change that took place between that period is that I grew larger and she seemed to wither a bit.  Her state was nothing knew it was just time erasing what seemed to be a period of life that had been a dream to me.  I often look back at things with little regard for time, but that day I shivered at my mortality.  It rarely happen and therefore I had to make the moment marinate in my memory.  I tried to pull a memory of her that was profound, this was a futile exercise as we were not close though we lived in the same house for majority of my childhood, she was an enigma to me.  She made me look at life in that moment as swift, cruel, unjust and ever changing in time when I was standing still.


I wrestled with the fact that it was possible for people to live under the same roof and just not know each other.  I was keen to realize another fact which was we may have people in our lives that are related to us by blood but we never take the time to know each other.  Years past and we are absorbed by everything about our lives that compel us to neglect one another.

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