The English Premiere League (EPL) is the most entertaining league there is....  there I said it and just to make things clear its not factual to all it's just my opinion.

Why is it entertaining?

Please note Messi nor Renaldo are apart of that league.  That fact in itself makes my point.  The top players of EPL are not dominated by English players which is another reason why its very entertaining.  All other leagues have this trait, by that I mean they are dominated by "home grown" players for want of a better terminology.  Simply put in La Liga (Spanish League), Bundesliga (The German League) and many other leagues the majority of the players who are at the top are products of the that region.  EPL offers more than the normal because of its influx of talent from across the globe.

Style of Play

Each country has its own style of play and that dominates majority of the clubs that are apart of that country's league.  However EPL is unique as each club asserts its style of play around the talent available.  The more talent, the more entertaining the league that's my thought especially when the talent is not focused in one area of the globe.


It can be said that EPL clubs face much more adversity than other clubs that have a core of personnel that are already cultured to what is required.  This is because of the fact that domestic players dominate the league thus setting the tone for the clubs.  Language alone is a barrier when recruiting players in the EPL.  It is a difficult task for a manager in the EPL to form a cohesive unit out of players that have diverse cultures and speak several different languages.  When this is achieved it is considered to be real teamwork.

Diversity is key

Lets look at the statistical part of the game.  Goals are the embodiment of teamwork and as such lets look at goals first.

LEAGUE 2014-2015 2013-2014 2012-2013
EPL Sergio Aguero 21 Luis Suarez  31 Robin Van Persie 26
BUNDESLIGA Alexander Meire 19 Robert Lewandowski  20 Stefan Kie├čling 25
LA LIGA Christiano Renaldo 48 Christiano Renaldo  31 Lionel Messi  46

Over the past 3 seasons there have been top scorers in all 3 leagues who are not domestic players.  This demonstrates how critical it is to have diversity. I believe the EPL is better because it has that variable embodied in most of the clubs.  The entertainment level is affected by this factor as well, EPL facilitates a range of footballers from all over the globe spread out throughout all the clubs.  The rough and rugged style of play that most English clubs are known for makes the league that much more entertaining and that much more competitive.  You wont see a relegation threaten team beating Barcelona, Bayern or even the likes of PSG or Juventus.  This is common place in the EPL where the belief of the teams and sheer determination will produce an unlikely result that goes against the odds.

Watch what you like

I take nothing away from all the other leagues and will encourage all fans to watch what suits their personality and carry the club that has their heart.  As for me ... "A EPL ME SAY"... just your average Joe talking.


  1. I love Messi. Guess a lot of us girls do. I felt really bad for him at the last world cup :(

  2. YES SIR!!!! Agreed 100% the simple truth is this:

    When it comes to EPL more people WANT to watch it over any other league. Further stats speak to the global audience that each league has and guess which league leads BY FAR............enuff said!!!

  3. The EPL is definitely the most entertaining league for me. It is also the most watched league in Jamaica (This may be due to availability). That being said; it is not the best and if recent trends continue, it will lose Champions League places to the likes of Germany.

    Glad to see you started blogging. I look forward to seeing more from you. Check out my blog at https://renegadeexpression.wordpress.com/