A Guide

This topic is quite sensitive and I'll try to approach it with care as I am accountable like every man is for saying what we want without thinking of the impact it has on others (women).  I tried to explain to a few women that the commonality shared between men doesn't allow for a generalization of men where certain aspects are concerned.  In short I feel that men are equally different and complex as women are.  Let me reiterate that views I share are just that,  my views.  I don't think is has always been this way for me in particular, being complex, it seemed to develop with each new interaction shared with a different woman.  I try to understand the basic about a woman and then work with the rest.  However this concept is not allowed as each unique interaction shared was removed from the realm of simplicity.  

Know thyself

I'm the first to admit being clueless when certain emotions are shown and the first to try and take what little I can from an argument with any female on what they think of men in general.  I always start at lets keep it simple, a concept that is outdated given the pool of knowledge women have collected in books written by both women and men.  The far fetched idea of simplicity comes natural for me but just like father time's inevitability I am caught in situations so complicated I often wonder the genesis of my dilemma.  If you are ever in an argument or by some slim chance a discussion with a female and during this episode (of days of our lives) you keep saying to yourself "Why am I talking about this and how is it that she has me talking about this so long?"; as unfortunate as it is you need a guide.

Guide to what

When I speak of a guide don't even think for a minute I'm giving you an insight into the mind of any female, I'm just trying to keep it simple and let you know that the blind can't lead the blind, well not successfully.  Like all things communication is key.  I communicate with a variety of actions, gestures and an occasional sentence for exclamation.  Its not hard to get what I'm saying as most of the time I'm being told to tone it down a bit or just don't say it at all.  All animals have instinct embedded within their logic on how to survive and as we are the highest order of beings on this planet we possess the very same instinctual nature.  So my view is request information in order to proceed, its the least that can be done when travelling down a road you know nothing of or the fact that it was even built.  As you encounter traffic, minor accidents even being lost, when you ask for information it allows you to be prepared for the next journey down that road and therefore equips you with a guide to navigate to your destination in a reasonable time.

Crucial Notes

Well after all that euphemism I feel as though you are where I stand in all of this LOST.  If so no worries you have quite a bit of journey ahead and if you are determine to reach your goal, as most men are, just keep collecting information.  Simply put ask and you shall receive.  Please always note that when you are a recipient of the required information please make a note as this is crucial in order to progress.

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