A Whole New World

In today's society we are all or seem to be short on time.  That is we don't have enough to do what we want so things like values are overlooked.  Appearances dominate our opinion of people as we play fictitious characters to conform with social expectations.  You must agree that we judge people today based on social status and material possession.  No one has the time to see who has values like honesty, trust or kindness.

In this new world of ever changing technology we have more communication taking place over the internet than person to person.  Technology has become a mediator through which persons voice or portray anything they want.  It negates the human element needed in normal interaction where one is reserved or even respectful of others.  What is there to consider when sending a text, only that it was received.

Social status depicts an illusion of embedded values.  To some one cannot attain certain social standing without having certain values for others that's the complete opposite.  A politician for example should not be corrupt, however when one is its no surprise.  An individual elected by the people one we entrust with our future which is based on decisions he or she makes.

We use what we see instead of what we know.  We see wealth as an indicator of something being done right.  Often this is not the case as the situation is never seen in a logical mind that factors in what we know to be true.  We currently reside in a world with limited resources an irrevocable truth.  In order for someone to have excess someone else has to have much less.  Resources are finite and you can't use TRUST to purchase food so its discarded.  Kindness is a word a rarely hear these days and honor can barely be recognized when social convention have accepted a majority of things deemed unjust.

These factors, the factors of our time make it clear that values are old fashioned notions of the past.  The now is what people use to make their decisions, what they see now, what they want now.

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